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Welcome, Tycoon

GOOD COMPANY is a single- and multiplayer management simulation about building, automating and optimizing your robot manufacturing empire, set in a colorful 80s-inspired world.

You start your GOOD COMPANY literally with your own hands. With time and more workers, your duties shift. Have managers organize your employees, while you optimize processes and design robots to please the markets. Your robots can eventually even replace your employees. To what extent is up to you. But don’t forget: success is not only about profit. It’s also about reputation, as a boss, and as a corporation.


  • Be a hands-on boss in the middle of the action
  • Learn tasks and delegate them to employees, later

  • Design robots to meet global needs

  • Optimize production processes to the max

  • Use your old school RobOS for various tasks

  • Engage in stock trading and marketing

  • Compete against rivaling companies

  • Defend your intellectual properties

  • Make moral decisions how to lead your enterprise

  • Play alone or in co-op  with friends

Visit the GOOD COMPANY microsite for more information and impressions.

First Access For You

As indie developers, we think itch.io is a great place to let our vision of the game come to life since it offers a friendly and fruitful exchange for gamers and developers alike. While we are grateful for any financial support, First Access means more to us than that. We’d love to have you on board to shape GOOD COMPANY together with us, so we can take different perspectives and approaches into account. That’s why we are inviting you to join the journey at this very early stage.

Get In Touch

There are several ways to stay up-to-date and to share your thoughts. Sign up for the GOOD COMPANY newsletter and get in touch with us via DiscordTwitter, Facebook, Twitch and our itch.io community forum. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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