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Devlog #4
Hello Tycoons, With a slight delay, we'd like to sum up what has happened since we have been showcasing Good Company at Gamescom 2018. We have received a lot of...
Devlog #3
Hello everyone! Although we have already shared Devlog #3 via our Good Company newsletter a while ago, we somehow missed on sharing it here, too. Let's catch u...
Devlog #2
Hi there! In our second Good Company development update we've made quite some progress. Our new internal version number is 0.0.4. We've worked out how to make t...
Devlog #1
Hi there! This is our fist update on the development of Good Company. We've reached the internal version number 0.0.3 and have implemented a lot of new features...

This is a place for sharing ideas, information and requests about our corporate machinery simulation GOOD COMPANY.


GOOD COMPANY is in early development. We'd like to shape the game with our community, therefore we highly appreciate your support. Please be nice, patient and constructive, so our exchange will be a great experience for everyone.