Devlog #1

Hi there!

This is our fist update on the development of Good Company. We've reached the internal version number 0.0.3 and have implemented a lot of new features since the project has started.

Unitl now we have implemented the following features:

  • frontend-backend architecture including networking for coop gameplay
  • basic inventory functionality
  • inventory nesting (containers in containers)
  • building of crafting tables and containers
  • crafting mechanics
  • data driven crafting recipes

We've summarized the most recent changes in the short video above.

To give you a quick outline:

  • We've designed and implemented a system which allows you to organzie your company more easily by using workplaces.
  • We've come up with a better UI concept which we are planning to implement in the next iteration.
  • The looks of player characters are fully customizable now. Character customization includes:
    • body type (tall/average/big & female/male)
    • wardrobe (hats, upper clothing, lower clothing, shoes)
    • accessoires (hairstyle, facial hair etc.)
    • color palettes (skin tone, hair color, clothing colors)

Until the next update

your Carrots

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