Devlog #2

Hi there!

In our second Good Company development update we've made quite some progress. Our new internal version number is 0.0.4. We've worked out how to make the production system more interesting and consistent and we've implemented a whole new user interface. More details on those changes in the video above.

As always, here's a rough outline of the changes:

  • implemented a window framework which will be used throughout the game to display UI panels
  • developed a clean and coherent visual style for said framework
  • crafting system supports two different types of crafting: module crafting & product assembly
  • implemented a drafting table which is used to create product blueprints
  • products have product features which will determine if it meets a customer requirements
  • cleaned up inventory system and other parts of the code base
  • expanded on the data driven game configuration:
    • game data can be define in a well structured database (before that it was hand written JSON)
    • This will be useful late on for future modding support
  • new additional game assets:
    • workbench
    • electronics table
    • assembly table
    • drafting table
    • blueprint plotter
    • a ton of icons for materials, modules, and products


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