Devlog #3

Hello everyone!

Although we have already shared Devlog #3 via our Good Company newsletter a while ago, we somehow missed on sharing it here, too.  Let's catch up on this right now.

For our first public preview of Good Company at Dutch Game Garden's Indigo in Utrecht, we have refined some essential features as well as added new content. Good Company received very positive feedback, and the changes we have introduced prior to showcasing at Utrecht proved all to be heading into the right direction.  So we took away tons of suggestions and remarks to feed our pipeline with. But for the time being, here is what we were working on for that past version:

Changelog for version 0.0.6

  • Implemented a tutorial scenario system with an NPC to guide first steps
  • Implemented a contracts view UI element
  • Implemented contract requirements information  for the blueprint designer
  • Implemented the blueprint browser for product data overview
  • Added moreoptions for character customization
  • Implemented a company customizer to define a corporate identity
  • New components to design a flat robot with, including
    • camera module
    • arms module
    • legs module
    • flight module
  • Fixed plenty of bugs

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