Devlog #4

Hello Tycoons,

With a slight delay, we'd like to sum up what has happened since we have been showcasing Good Company at Gamescom 2018. We have received a lot of great feedback – praise and helpful ideas alike.  After Gamescom, we quickly got on speed again with the development. Some additions or changes might not be as obvious as others, but we are constantly refining the look, usability and gameplay of Good Company. For a quick roundup please check out our new Devlog #4.

_Here is a detailed changelog for version 0.1.0:

  • Polish the Character Customizer
    - Naming characters is now mandatory
    - Randomizer also randomize body type now
  • Implementing smaller changes requested at the gamescom
    - Adding messages for blueprint naming when name is missing or duplicated
    - Within the tutorial the player gets now notified about the inventory
    - Implemented drag and drop for the inventory
  • Crafting overview for modules within the info browser
    - List all modules and materials
    - List in what modules the modules and and materials are used
    - List required modules and materials to build the module
    - Enable quick linking by clicking on a module / material in the information to open the objects info
  • Improved workplace editing
    - Display which work zone is edited
    - Show on which side the user drags
    - Smaller UI elements for accept / cancel buttons
  • Improving the music player
    - Randomizer
    - Jump to time by clicking on the time bar
    - Display track number
    - Keeps highlighting pressed buttons
  • Improvement of character movement
    - Character can now move by clicking on a tile
    - When clicking on a table or shelf from afar the character moves into range
  • Company Branding Polish
    - Selected Icons are now properly highlighted
  • Tweaks & bug fixes
    - Products shipped progress bar in contract inspector is now working
    - Remaining time bar in contract inspector now starts left
    - During brand creation highlighting is now properly working
    - “G” Icons in financial overview are now brownish instead of white
    - Statusbar highlights now clicked items properly
    - Added a button for ingame menu (ESC Menu)

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