A game about delivering a wish letter to the top of a mountain using a pogo stick.

We made this during the Global Game Jam 2018 within 48h.

Paul Lawitzki
Dominik Schneider
Patrick Wachowiak



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very fun great design but Rage inducing lol


10/10 would play this game again! .-.


This game nearly broke my mind, it teared a big hole in my soul that will probably never heal...
But you can't give up, you have to keep going because you have to prove to this postman that you are better than him while he stares at you with his dead eyes and mocking smile...

It took one of my controllers from me  (rest in peace brave soldier) but eventually I beat it.

In your face game!


good game

why not in tablet Samsung why


This is the game we needed! It's like getting over it but, even harder as, you can't grab on to things! hahahaa Plus the jumping of the pogo stick makes it hard because you have to time bounces right to get anywhere. I think this game makes getting over it easy in comparison!

You win the  internet, tonight.

Thanks for this awesome let's play! We really enjoyed it!
And thanks for breaking the game XD
Maybe we should put something on the leftmost rock... like a reward or something ^^